Commbank says ‘A Man Is Not a Financial Plan’, but…

Blog.Commbank is a company blog by the Commonwealth Bank. And good on them for trying to make finance a bit more palatable.

While looking around, I was a bit surprised to see a post titled A man is not a financial plan…


But I was a bit more surprised than when I clicked back to their homepage and saw who writes all their blogs…

All men…

Wo, man.

This is on the blog’s homepage. So, they’re not trying to hide it.

Getting a woman on staff could be a good plan

Also to the CommBank’s credit, they respond to comments left on their blog posts. Like the response to the woman complaining the above post about relying on men was patronising to women. Their response says, “This is actually a true story, based on the real life experience of a woman who should have known better…”

For a blog that seems to be targeting women (other posts include High tea With Maggie Beer, and Know an Incredible Business Woman? [sic]) they should probably know better.


When you click ‘See all‘ just below the pictures of seven male authors, it reveals two women are in the full list of 13 employees asked to write blogs. So there’ s that.


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