As a web producer I need to find generic images for about ten different stories every day.

Often those stories relate to the internet, or websites, or online activities like shopping, dating or avoiding viruses. Have you ever thought about how hard it is to find a unique picture for that? No?

Well, don’t bother. It’s no more interesting than it sounds.

But, many people give up too soon and clichés abound – which I must now expose.

The biggest theme among internet image clichés is the photoshopped-keyboard key.

Here’s a range of pics that are either so pitiful I hope they are tongue-in-cheek or they are simply a bad reflection on web producers everywhere.

We know sleep isn't normally there, but why is there nothing on any other keys?

Daft. What would happen when I press 'SHOP' anyway? A BUY button maybe.

I see, it's for Online Dating, or finding love online. And 'desperate' was too long to fit.

Ha! Commit your whole life to someone in one key-stroke. I guess pressing Esc gets you a DIVORCE.


Brand keyboard sends you direct to company websites. But Coke?

This is a funny idea. But it was stolen from Homer Simpson.

FYI - If you're having trouble on the Internet, F1 usually brings up the Help menu.

If there was a HELP key, as big as the spacebar, I think it deserves to be IN CAPS.

This picture is actually instructional. Unless you type PLEH

You will need real help after you start swallowing keys in frustration at the Windows Help menu.


Now we're talking. This kind of keyboard could actually save time - for teens who have already lost touch with gramar anyhow.

Emoticon KeyPad! Who needs an antiquated alphabet to express emotions!


The Escape key is escaping! Is this clever? Not even slightly. Plus, he won't get far when you press him and breaks his little legs.



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