Could comedy save us?

Currently, our national conversation feels like being stuck at a dinner party full of people tweeting into their mobile phones.

I’m talking about our political debate and the current state of our election campaign, the stupidity of which is becoming intolerable. And we need relief.

Why does Australia linger on pathetic, trivial stories for as long as we do? I realise we are a small country but we are big enough to know better.

Our water cooler conversation is truly tepid. We make scandals out of misquotes and feature stories out of insults when we all know the topic will usually have blown over in 24 hours.

This campaign lurches from one petty scandal to another, this week focusing on a sexist menu, a shocking shock jock, and our nation’s co-dependent relationship with Kevin Rudd.

It’s a cycle more vicious than Howard Sattler’s camera face.


Perhaps what we need is a good comic to make light of the day’s events, someone to skew the national conversation, to spike the watercooler before the 24-hour news cycle is through.

We’ve not had a sharp-shooter like this since Graham Kennedy. (I am excluding half-baked attempts like Steve Vizard, Mick Molloy and Rove – do remind me if I have missed someone).

I’d back Adam Hills, The Chaser team in their CNNNN format, or News Limited’s Joe Hildebrand. (Give that man a talk show, seriously.)

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart have been doing this for years in the US (albeit to a much larger audience) bringing a hilarious new perspective to issues the nightly news will leave you thinking are actually important. (Scroll down for a good example)

We need talented writers and fast-working producers who will expose the shallowness of it all, shining a light on how pointless all the political hypocrisy really is.

John Clark and Brian Dawe did a great job of this but this stuff needs to be nightly. And sharp. And popular. Like, Daryl Somers popular.

Please, I can’t get no relief. Soon, the only option will be to ignore people discussing these trivialities, which I’ll probably do by tweeting into my mobile.

The Chaser PR team is still chasing their royal glory

If your program gets pulled off air by the Queen of England, it’s a good chance for more comedic revelry – the kind HRH was probably trying to halt.

But isn’t all this getting a little out of control?

ABC director of television Kim Dalton talks to @smh_news about the @Clarencehouse #royalwedding Chaser ban. Audio:

@abcmarkscott: Julian Morrow explains how The Chaser wedding coverage came not to be.

@abcqanda: Chaser @craigreucassel will join the panel for #qanda #royalwedding special – doco & debate Thu 8.30-10.30pm ABC1

Oh please make it stop…

Chaser #royalwedding ban latest: @clarencehouse talks to @smh_news, BBC responds, ABC "disapppointed".

Michael Tunn (remember him!) spells out how a nothing story is going nowhere…

Chaser story getting no international traction.

Oh wait, the ABC’s serious news programme Lateline is now interviewing Chas. The hashtag below says it all..

#lateline has @ChasLicc on… #endoftimes

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