Facebook delivers best reviews of ‘Farmer Needs A Wife’

Here are my favourite comments from the Channel 9 Facebook page tonight which rather foolishly suggested;

“It’s impossible not to love Farmer Wants a Wife. Shall we spread the Word?”

The commenting viewers chose to spread hilarious vitriol instead…

Robert Frederick Brewer impossible aye? well guess what. I can’t stand it and wont watch it. So there you go. Not impossible.

Leigh Fletcher I’d rather watch My Kitchen Rules facebook.com/MyKitchenRules

Jeff Gehrig I’m with you. Yet another example of 9 ignoring what the audience wants.

Warren Leadbeatter Ha! I’m not watching that shit either!

Nathan Retzlaff some of the sheilas look like the cows in the paddock

Rebecca March I am watching it for the first time, it’s so awkward!

Shannon Butler Should be called “The viewers need a life” .

For the record, I didn’t watch it as I am rather into My Kitchen Rules – at least I was until the unveiled ‘Group 2’ tonight, doubling the contestants and halving my commitment – but if the Farmer show appeals to you, go check out http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/thefarmerwantsawife/ if only to count the clichés.


And Channel 9 people, leaving your facebook page open for anyone to post on your wall is, evidently, an invitation for anyone to air their grievances on a popular and seemingly unmoderated public billboard – rarely a good branding exercise.

But a satisfying read, nonetheless.

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