Best and Worst of John Farnham’s Hair

The first ever concert I went to was to see John Farnham at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I was twelve. It was the Age of Reason Tour and what I learned most from that night was that the more you call your audience "mongrels" the more they love you.

Plus, I learned that my dad was my hero. Sitting through Touch of Paradise, Two Strong Hearts and all those other great songs Johnny didn’t write was the most sacrificial thing my father ever did for me and as my music tastes changed over time I have come to admire his sacrifice more and more.

As Johnny Farnham gears up for yet another tour – this one features a performance of the entire Whispering Jack album – I find myself contemplating my teenage love of Farnsey once again…

Now, if I’m not mistaken, no other part of John Farnham’s appearance has always captured his enthusiasm, his stage persona, and made him so darn likeable, than his hair.

But, as these pictures show, his hair hasn’t always been Playing To Win, if you know what I mean.

The Denis Walter look. So young, Such Agro eyebrows.(1968)

1974 brought Johnny a new optimism, a new tailored look, and the head of a neatly brushed badger.

Farnsey at his best – windswept and wearing what appears to be lippy. Does anyone actually know why Jack was whispering? (1986)

Flamboyant Rock God! He looked as if could have been in Def Leppard, when actually he was singing about flamingoes. (1988)

Ha! What a felon! This hair is akin to a tufty guinea pig – given a quick perm. Ace! (1990)

This is Johnny in Jesus Christ Superstar (1992) I hope he’s playing Jesus because if not, his hair looks stolen from Goldie Hawn.

Business on top, poodle at the sides and who knows what’s happening at the back. (1995)

What’s this? Why sport the hair of an author? Especially an unpublished one. (1998)

In 2003, he reached his follicular peak. THE ASLAN.

Heinous! It’s an albino Gary Who hairstyle in a jacket that looks more like Tinman from Wizard of Oz than the Age of Grease’n (2005).

Let’s be honest. This is the hair of an old bloke on the pokies at your local RSL. (2009)

2011 – Uhoh, Dye job. It’s Barry Gibb meets Donald Trump. Let’s hope the new tour doesn’t sacrifice any more of his self esteem than this photo must have.

John Farnham

So, to see the hair up close.. who’s coming with me and my dad to the next concert!!??

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4 responses to “Best and Worst of John Farnham’s Hair

  1. Bec

    Crying with laughter, Luke 🙂 🙂 Loving the guinea pig perm. I’d also like to know **what** he Jack was whispering 😛

  2. His current look is pretty heinous too:

    I can’t remember the name of the English B-grade actor on an ABC show I never watch that he now looks like.

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