Dear Aussie music industry, it’s not 1982!

I get it, we all like nostalgia, but is any 70s or 80s band beyond reforming? They ALL seem to be touring – look at the list!

And I know a singer’s death never stopped INXS from touring but didn’t the guy from Dragon also die?

As I cheekily looked into the actual cost of a John Farnham ticket ($99-$149) I was appalled at the number of bands touring as if it’s still 1982. That’s 30 years ago.

The trend of bands reforming – probably to help them pay off debts/illegitimate kids – has been around forever, but I am pretty certain there are now more bands from the 70s and 80s touring than there are new bands.

Let’s blame the internet and cashed-up Gen-Xers.

Meanwhile, I still await a BROS reunion.

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