Sydney or Bust


The Southerly Buster is the perfect analogy for living in Sydney. There’s always something fantastic about to whack you in the face.

And I don’t mean that drunk bloke glassing you after a great night at the pub. I’m being serious.

Why do you think King’s Cross is so close to beautiful Potts Point, Penrith is next to the Blue Mountains, and so many busy and noisy streets are lined with stunning crêpe myrtles?

It works the other way too. You’re having a great swim at the beach and then you get caught in a rip. Everyone’s day at the cricket is ruined by a knob with a big flag.

Whenever I have a day hating the CBD I wander down to the harbour. And there it is… The Cahill Expressway.

We enjoy mixing the ugly with the beautiful — because too much of either is nauseating. I truly love Sydney … even if it makes me feel dirty. Because there’s always a southerly coming.

Southerly Busters Explained – Bureau of Meteorology

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