The Chaser PR team is still chasing their royal glory

If your program gets pulled off air by the Queen of England, it’s a good chance for more comedic revelry – the kind HRH was probably trying to halt.

But isn’t all this getting a little out of control?

ABC director of television Kim Dalton talks to @smh_news about the @Clarencehouse #royalwedding Chaser ban. Audio:

@abcmarkscott: Julian Morrow explains how The Chaser wedding coverage came not to be.

@abcqanda: Chaser @craigreucassel will join the panel for #qanda #royalwedding special – doco & debate Thu 8.30-10.30pm ABC1

Oh please make it stop…

Chaser #royalwedding ban latest: @clarencehouse talks to @smh_news, BBC responds, ABC "disapppointed".

Michael Tunn (remember him!) spells out how a nothing story is going nowhere…

Chaser story getting no international traction.

Oh wait, the ABC’s serious news programme Lateline is now interviewing Chas. The hashtag below says it all..

#lateline has @ChasLicc on… #endoftimes

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