‘Nicole Santos’ virus destroys Facebook and news media missed it

What is going on?
I have just switched on after a night of poor baking experiences and a virus going by the name of Nicole Santos is ‘spreading like wildfire‘ across Facebook yet no major news organisations have noticed a thing.

SMH – nothing
news.com.au – nothing
dailytelegraph.com.au – nothing

Facebook itself has nothing to say…

Hell, even Mashable.com has no sign of it.

So what are we to make of a clever scam that purports to be a ‘Verify Your Account’ link but then spreads gunk on all your friends’ walls.

Looks to me like the second bad news story on Facebook security in two days.

The first was uncovered by Symantec – which always has me suspicious, who else stands ot gain from such revelations except a virus solutions company? – But this attacks seems worse for three reasons;

1) It’s out in the open – today’s story was largely undiscovered.
2) It’s spread through the actions of unwitting users, not due to Facebook’s low restrictions on developers
3) It’s simply spam which reduces the value and integrity of Facebook as a service, not just of it’s privacy policy

But still, where are all the newsmedia covering what looks like the biggest virus to spread across the word’s largest social network?

These companies gladly publish banal stories about every Facebook tweak and celebrity post or record-breaking nonsense group (e.g. Fans of Pippa Middleton’s arse).

At this time, the US is just waking up and Australia is going to sleep. Yet judging by my twitter feed, a whole lot of people are still awake.

There’s a growing gulf here that only Twitter seems able to address. God love it.

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