Oprah’s finale suggest she’s bigger than Jesus

Pictures from Oprah’s Transfiguration – well, it sure looks like she’s bidding farewell to our dear planet.

Seriously, let’s remember. This is simply the final week of a TV show.

Yes, Oprah is a juggernaut of hype and elongated syllables but on a basic level, she is just a successful talk-show host.

I can’t help but compare her to Jesus. Well, at least evangelist Billy Graham – a man who attracted stadium size audiences in Australia fifty years ago.

I could run with that analogy further but isn’t it more enjoyable to poke fun and hold a pop-quiz with twitpics I found??

Just tell me this doesn’t look like HillSong but with more celebrities…

This is
a) The line up outside the Chicago Stadium
b) An unemployment queue
c) All of the above

This is
a) product placement
b) because your love for Oprah will make you cry she is having a career change
c) Hugh Jackman’s seat

This is
a) a superstar embracing an icon
b) the biggest surprise of the night
c) the scariest open-mouth kiss ever

This is
a) Oprah hugging Jerry Seinfeld!
b) Oprah thinking she’s hugging Nick Cage
c) Jerry eyeing the exits


This is
a) An evangelistic event
b) A rock concert
c) A lot of people hoping to get something expensive for free.

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