Cloud Control playing Splendour In The Grass

These are screenshots of YouTube’s live stream of the event.

I do think that band are rather cool, but my main interest is that I know the bassist, who ironically, did not play this gig. (His wife just had a baby. Well played, dad.)

2 responses to “Cloud Control playing Splendour In The Grass

  1. Ben McLaughlin

    I would love to see CC play. I really love them. was interested in them having gone to school with 3 of them, but I soon forgot that and just really like their music. One of the best Aussie bands around I reckon. They have a song called Vintage Books which is always on super high rotation for me. Great clip too.

    • So good live. I wouldn’t usually be into such a unique sound but it’s youthful and makes me want to play music again. (Shame the trumpet only ever appears in Cat Empire songs.)

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